A. Meknes



We shall be together

We shall be together some day,

It is too bad living away

Being together and along the way, together

We will stay side by side

Thinking of each other

We shall live in peace

In no problems, no crises

In love, in safe, and in care

We are not afraid

We shall be free,

Even animals and trees

In all over the world,

Black and white together

We shall be together

Yes, together and together







Sitting at the table,
voices around me.
people around me.
Can’t touch me.
Nothing touches me

But oxygen in my lungs.

Electricity through my nerves – my brain
Hearing but not understanding.
The voltage increases


Maelstrom of noise –
and I – in the thick of it –
die alone

more please

K.A. Kelly


“I WANT IT ALL, AND I WANT IT NOW,” says the prophet Freddie Mercury and he’s right. I want to turn the whole world on as a pop culture prophet, a rock street poet, a warrior of words. I want to be a rock ‘n’ roll singer more than anything else in the world, because rock ‘n’ roll is the message and the medium, it is the megaphone for liberation. I want to achieve enlightenment. I want contradictions. I want to save lives sticking it to the man. I want to be a force, I want to be the lifeboat.




A fragile mind can’t leave anything behind
Light as the hollow sky, sharp enough to cut trough steel
A fragile mind never breaks, only scatters beyond infinity
Twist and turns, like summer into rain and returns with a fresh breeze
Disappears into the sun, carried by a gentle wind, like a dandelion in the summer





If I had 100 words to save the world.

If I had 100 words to be one with the cosmos.

If 100 words would make me proud.

If 100 words would be enough for your love.

What would I say?


Eloiza L.


I need the blind fold dropped, open your eyes and look at me once forgetting what you’ve learned and trusting your guts. Tell me what you see, can you tell i am haunted by the wars in my head? that i am disgusted to the bone with this nonsense excuse of life they got us believing we should peruse? with your fake-ness strongly upset. Can you see i am not free but in my imagination which has been seriously poisoned with the images that are feed in front of my eyes…

Silent no more



Words please come my way
I feel as if I have so much to say
I need you in order to get away
From a reality that is much too grave

Forgive me if I cannot express myself freely
I have been led to believe that I am not worthy of you words.
Oh words, cut through like swords and convey my sour messsage

I will not go without first expressing my despairing message
So words please come my way
So that I can finally say
That I need to go away
Away from here
To another sphere

Real Heat



I arrived in the Ghanaian capital of Accra on the night of July 2 and the first thing that hit me when I walked out of the plane was the heat.  July is one of the coolest months, but still averages 23-27 degrees Celsius with humidity peaking at 95 per cent.

The taxi ride from the airport was eye opening. There were very few streetlights, the roads were half paved, and we were stopped by police with assault rifles who searched the car looking for armed robbers. It’s easy to read about Africa but very different to experience it yourself.




Streich den Absatz mit der Selbstrechtfertigung!!!

Ich habe jedes Recht dazu, auszudrücken, was ich fühle, auch wenn es dein ach so grenzenloses Selbstbewusstsein wie ein Kartenhaus zusammenstürzen lässt. Wer hat es dir gegeben, dein Selbstbewusstsein? Niemand, denn du hast es dir genommen. Du hast es dir genommen von mir und ich habe nie etwas dafür eingefordert.

Aber ich bin aufgewacht, ich fordere nun von jedem was mir zusteht und sage, was mir fehlt.

Ein jeder Mensch verdient es Mensch zu sein. Lasst dich nicht unterdrücken, nimm nicht alles hin, auch du hast es verdient, du zu sein!



Thank God it was raining–that way it didn’t look like I was crying as I walked across campus in broad daylight.

But I was crying as I walked across campus in broad daylight.

I’ve got to get out of this place.

Don’t Tell Me ‘Fore I Go



Ignorance will carry me through the last days,

the blistering cities, over briny rivers
swarming with jellyfish, as once my father
carried me from the car up the tacked carpet
to the white bed, and if I woke, I never knew it.

Walk With Me

Matt C. 

85 Words 


The things I know are sadness and sorrow,
And happiness is only an emotion I borrow,
The laughter behind each smile is purely a fake,
Truly filled with promises of loneliness and heartache.
If only you listen to the honest words I say,
The love I have and the dreams that play.
Why is it when you learn of this greeting,
You turn away and stop us from meeting?
The chuckles you make seem so very sincere,
Yet the breaking of a friendship is what you fear.

Anonymous Admittance


100 Words


All I want is to be in love with the man who’s in love with me. To have justification when I’m sad, rather than just keep it in, or feel guilty for the comparative smallness of my reasons (when there are any). All I want is the chance to prove that money won’t buy me happiness, because living on the financial edge gets old. All I want is friends – people who accept me, through and through, not just verbally or to my face.

Maybe all I want is to stop wanting things. A little desire goes a long way.

Exist As


100 Words


Someone once told me, “either everything’s a miracle, or nothing is…”
I see infinity in every fingerprint whorl.
My lungs sing all the notes of breath.
I am.

My failing body, a slave to entropy, marvels at the strangeness of seeing.
And being.
Thousands of miles of blood cells racing to give me another chance to blink.
Without effort or down payment,
I am…
The sensation of fabric on skin on blood on thighs. Eyelashes and fingertips and scabbed knees and a million broken hearts…

I am
wannabe poetry. Collages and soccer games and cold beers.
It’s miraculous to me.


100 Words


So frustrated. Unexplainably so.
I just wish someone would stop my heartstrings from aching.
There’s nothing like the confusion of love (is that what this is?) to make you feel down.
love that’s been lost…the pressure of not knowing what is to come.
He makes me nervous, so much love that was once all encompassing.
The love that I want, but can’t have. It’s not that I can’t have it, it just won’t be fucking given to me.
He makes my heart skip but then…does he really make me feel that good?
Or do I just want to be loved?

Magic Passion Love

Joanne M. 

40 Words 


Magic Passion Love is a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us. When used,life feels good – when shared – WOW!

Allow Magic
Feel Passion
Live Love

Relax and Enjoy…Magic Passion Love, it’s in you!
Cool, HUH?!!!



92 Words 


The eternal dependency of a girl who dares to dream in the existence of a knee-numbing force as powerful as this. The risqué inappropriateness of the one who attempts to believe in the internal cohabitation of two realities, the war between eyes and soul. The blinding innocence of she who refuses to be deterred by a boundless imagination.

Instead, trusting the unfaithful and relying, if just for a moment, on the unstable, she allows herself to imagine the day when she will possess the undeniable power, confidence and insanity to break free.


Susi F. 

99 Words 


A brutally battered adopted child, I dreamed of being descended from nobility, an escape from my harsh reality; in childhood was drawn to period movies about England, Scotland; obsessed with Braveheart, the film. I’ve learned I’m indeed descended from Kings; Robert The Bruce was my 22nd Great Grandfather ; my line is populated by 2 Queens, 2 Princesses, 9 Earls, 4 Barons, 3 Countesses and a crew of Lords and Ladys. I wish I could’ve known when I was younger, felt so worthless and abandoned; the blood of Kings to hold onto might’ve given me greater courage and inspiration.

Stay With Me

Mary B 

40 Words 



My heart belongs to art.

My power is a flower.

My love is coming from above.

What you want is what i need.

i need you,to feel good.

Not the rich but the poor.

I am with you , with my love, with my art and my soul.



92 Words 


A journey starts tomorrow, one that we walk together with billions around the world.  A journey that requires us to look within ourselves and see if we measure up to the gift we were given on the cross.  Believer or not we all want to live up to the expectations Jesus had for us– love, kindness, loyalty, and forgiveness.  I only hope I can end my time with the knowledge that I loved others and mymistakes were not outnumbered by my gifts of love.  Come join me in my Lenten journey.