98 Words


Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy.

As children, we’re told to follow our dreams. We’re told to reach for the stars.

Now that I’m older, why do I feel like it’s all total bullshit?

When you want to do something unusual, people think you’re naïve.

“You want to do THAT? Don’t you think that’s a little impractical? You should probably do the logical thing. You’ll be more stable.”

I’ll tell you what’s crazy. The thought of doing something to be comfortable, rather than to be happy, when you only have one life to live, is what’s fucking crazy.


2 thoughts on “Rebel

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy doesn’t have to be uncomfortable…that is the lie you are telling yourself.

  2. Riley L. says:

    Definitely not crazy! Do what makes you happy. This made me smile. =]

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