A new project by an English student who is desperate to see fresh new reading material from non-pompous Shakespeare lovers. Non writers. Writers. Poets. Crazy people. People in love. Cynics. Everyone is welcome.

Get creative.

Write fiction, non-fiction, biography, poetry, rant, anything.

The catch? You only have 100 words.

Say what you mean. Say it quick. Say it right.


1. 100 Words or less

2. Say whatever you want–even if you think it’s just word vomit.

3. I will post all submissions onto the website. Updated Daily.

3. If you put your name on the contact form, I’ll put the first name with last initial. If you don’t want it known, put “anonymous” (I will never know who you are if you don’t put your name)

4. If you want people to be able to contact you about your writing, say so at the top of your 100 words, and I will put your email address under the posting.

5. Express yourself

6. Tell your friends.

7. Come back for some (hopefully) interesting reading material! See the subissions tab for updated 100-worders.

8. Like the idea? Like/share us on facebook (Just 100 Words)

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Are you ready?